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Terms and Conditions for use of the Qalibra software

  1. The Qalibra software produces measures of potential health impacts that require expert interpretation. The User accepts that the results must not be considered or presented as estimates of actual health effects (past, present or future).
  2. The Qalibra software does not represent the views of the European Commission, its services, or any other authority. The User accepts that neither the European Commission, nor any other organisation involved with the project, nor the hosts of the Qalibra website will accept any liability (in negligence or otherwise) arising from the use or interpretation of the contents of this website by any party.
  3. The User may publish results obtained with the Qalibra tool only if they are accompanied by the following statement: “This publication/document/presentation [delete as appropriate] includes results from risk-benefit calculations performed with the Qalibra software (, but the choice of inputs used and the interpretation of results are the responsibility of the author(s) of this publication/document/presentation [delete as appropriate] and not of the Qalibra consortium.”
  4. The User is responsible for ensuring they have any necessary permissions for all input data used in their assessments.
  5. The User will not reveal their Qalibra password to other persons. If the User wishes to share their assessments with other persons, they must do this using the sharing facility in Qalibra, and the other persons must also be registered Qalibra Users.
  6. Currently use of the Qalibra software is free of charge. The User understands that charges may be introduced in the future, if the total volume of use becomes intensive. At least 3 months notice would be given before introducing any charges, and there would be no retrospective charges.
  7. The Qalibra consortium members reserve the right to terminate a user's access to the software in cases of inappropriate use or misuse.
I confirm my acceptance of the above Terms and Conditions.