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1. Introduction.
   1.1 General framework.
   1.2 Relationship to the BRAFO tiered approach.
2. Problem formulation.
   2.1 Dietary scenarios.
   2.2 Population.
3. Common metrics for integration of risks & benefits.
   3.1 DALY versus QALY.
   3.2 Alternative approaches for calculating DALY/QALYs.
4. Main elements of the Qalibra framework.
5. When is use of the Qalibra framework appropriate?.
6. Calculation of DALYs for quantal health effects.
7. Calculation of DALYs for continuous health effects.
8. Calculation of QALYs for quantal and continuous health effects.
9. Recurrent effects.
10. Effects on the next generation.
11. Multiple effects on the same health endpoint
12. Calculating the net health impact of a dietary change.
13. Direct health loss calculations for a single individual
14. Data needed as inputs to the Qalibra framework.
   14.1 Individuals and their attributes.
   14.2 Life expectancy.
   14.3 Health effects to be quantified.
   14.4 Dietary intakes.
   14.5 Probability of quantal effects.
   14.6 Probability and magnitude of continuous effects.
   14.7 Probabilities of recovery and death.
   14.8 Duration of disease.
   14.9 Severity of effect (disease weights).
15. Addressing uncertainty in risk-benefit assessment.
   15.1 Qualitative evaluation of uncertainties.
   15.2 Quantitative evaluation of uncertainties.
   15.3 Probabilistic treatment of uncertainty in Qalibra.
16. Treatment of variability in the Qalibra framework.
17. Treatment of dependencies in Qalibra framework.
18. Presentation of results.
19. Interpretation of results.
20. Risk management considerations.
21. Final remarks.