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Participant Details

Matis MATÍS - Food Research, Innovation & Safety
  • Dr. Helga Gunnlaugsdottir, IFL
  • Dr. Heida Pálmadottir, IFL
  • Dr. Björn Þorgilsson, IFL
fera The Food and Environment Research Agency
  • Dr. Andy Hart, FERA
    Chair of the Scientific Committee
  • Mr. Matthew Atkinson, FERA
    WP leader for WP 2 (Software)
rivm National Institute for Public Health and the Environment
  • Dr. Nynke de Jong, RIVM
    WP leader for WP 1 (Framework)
  • Dr. Nynke de Jong, RIVM
    WP leader for WP 5 (case study (functional food))
wur Wageningen University
  • Prof. Lynn Frewer, WU
    WP leader for WP 3 (Communication and dissemination)
upatras University of Patras
  • Prof. Nikos Avoris, Upatras
altagra Altagra Business Services and Travel Agency
  • Mrs. Klara Biszkupne Nanasi, Altagra
iniap Instituto Nacional de Investigação Agrária e das Pescas
  • Dr. Maria Lenor Nunes, Ipimar
eu European Union
  • Maria Spulber