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Quality of life - integrated benefit and risk analysis

Web-based tool for assesing food safety and health benefits

Budapest Meeting 9-10 September 2009 Good turn out and a successful QALIBRA workshop on Risk-Benefit Assessment for Foods in Budapest

The first QALIBRA end-user workshop on Risk-Benefit Assessment for Foods was held in Budapest 9 - 10 September 2009. Altogether 42 participants from 15 countries attended the workshop. The aims of the event were to communicate the key results of the QALIBRA project to food safety experts with a direct interest in risk-benefit analysis of food and give them a detailed introduction to the risk-benefit modelling approaches developed in the project. Further, the workshop included practical hands-on training with the risk-benefit software produced by QALIBRA, using case studies developed in the project i.e. one on functional foods, the other on oily fish. The organisers are very pleased with the good turn out as well as the positive and valuable feedback they received from the participants of the workshop. This will be used to carry out final improvements of the risk-benefit software produced by QALIBRA. The dissemination material from the end-user workshop in September can be viewed here.

To view pictures from the event please click here.

BRAFO 11-12 Feb 2008 The QALIBRA project was presented at the BRAFO kick-off meeting held in Brussels, Belgium.

BRAFO is an acronym for a European Commission Specific Support Action project to investigate the Risk-Benefit Analysis of Foods.

The aim of the QALIBRA presentation was to inform the participants of the meeting about ongoing Risk-Benefit assessment work in Europe and in addition to this presentation the EFSA work on Risk-Benefit analysis of food as well as in BENERIS (EU project clustered with QALIBRA) were presented at the meeting. The presentation of the QALIBRA project given at the BRAFO meeting can be viewed here.

meeting 7-9 Nov 2007 The QALIBRA & BENERIS projects on risk-benefit analysis held their midterm review and scientific advisory panel meeting in Helsinki.

The meeting opened with the participants of the Qalibra and Beneris projects presenting the progress of their projects to the EC reviewers and the Scientific advisory panel (SAP), covering the entire timeline from project start until the end of September 2008.

On the second day the two project consortia convened their separate project meetings for detailed discussion of technical and project management issues, the reviewers started drafting their evaluation reports based on the presentations, discussions, advance documents etc; and the SAP met to discuss the projects on their own.

The third day saw the participants from both projects reconvene and the SAP provided feedback to each project and participated in discussions of the matters raised. Furthermore, the next stages of each project were discussed together with the SAP and the next phase of the cluster activities was discussed and action points defined.

reports 15 May 2007 The first periodic activity and management report for QALIBRA completed

The first periodic activity and management report for the QALIBRA was completed and delivered to the commission on May 15th 2007. The report was prepared by the coordinator, WP leaders and the chair of the scientific committee for QALIBRA, with input from all partners of the QALIBRA consortium. For more details please refer to Executive summary for QALIBRA after year 1.

focus group study 9-11 May 2007 QALIBRA presented at the International symposium on Functional Foods in Europe - International developments in Science and Health Claims

The symposium was held in Malta from 9-11 May 2007 and organized by ILSI-Europe, it focused on health trends and functional foods, regulatory issues, health claim substantiation, impact of functional foods, consumer perspectives and the future of functional foods with it's challenges and opportunities. A QALIBRA team from RIVM joined the conference and took the opportunity to stress the importance of a focus on long term safety and effectiveness issues of functional foods: i.e. risk-benefit analyses by presenting a poster about QALIBRA's aims and objectives and by giving a lecture about among others integrated measures. For further reading click here.

reports 30 April 2007 New Website Design Launched

The new Qalibra website design is now live. The design was created by the HCI group at the University of Patras after a thorough useability study. It was implemented by the development team at FERA. Watch out for new features and further changes of the site structure in the near future.

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meeting two 15-16 March 2007 Project Meeting 3, IPIMAR, Lisbon, Portugal

A very successful 3rd Project Meeting was recently held in Lisbon, attended by 16 partner delegates. Detailed presentations were given for case study one on seafood and the progress of all work packages were discussed.