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Quality of life - integrated benefit and risk analysis

Proposal/Contract no.: 022957

The QALIBRA project has established a collaborative effort through clustering with another EU project called BENERIS (contract No. 022936)

Web-based tool for assesing food safety and health benefits

Project Goals

The overall objectives of QALIBRA are to develop a suite of quantitative methods for assessing and integrating beneficial and adverse effects of foods, and make them available to all stakeholders as web-based software for assessing and communicating net health impacts. These objectives directly address the Commission's requirements for work programme topic T. - Assessing health benefits against potential effects of environmental contaminants in selected food groups.

To achieve these objectives QALIBRA will:

  1. Develop a generalised modular approach to risk-benefit analysis using menus of dose-response and valuation functions.
  2. Implement the risk-benefit analysis methods developed in QALIBRA in web-enabled software that is available for use by all stakeholders via an integrated website, with different components adapted to different user groups.
  3. Develop targeted risk communication strategies for integrated risk-benefit analysis, adapted to the needs of different stakeholders, and develop and test programs and materials for dissemination.
  4. Use the methods and software developed by QALIBRA to carry out comprehensive risk-benefit analyses for selected food groups including oily fish (with input from Beneris for salmon and herring)and functional foods, for selected EU populations, and use the results to evaluate and improve the QALIBRA approaches
  5. Establish a platform for cluster activities between QALIBRA and BENERIS projects and report about them to the Commission.
  6. Manage and coordinate the QALIBRA project to ensure the activities are properly focussed on the Commission's objectives and achieve high standards of scientific and technological excellence, ensure the quality of the consortium personnel and the mobilisation of resources, to monitor and evaluate progress against the project milestones and to make timely and appropriate adjustments when necessary.

QALIBRA will contribute to the wider objectives of the Food Quality and Safety Priority by developing tools that will provide better information on the overall health impacts of different foods, or of foods produced by different methods. This will enable decision-makers and consumers to make better-informed choices between different foods, or between different production practices, and thereby improve the safety and health benefits of the food chain.