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QALIBRA is a Specific Targeted Research Project coordinated by Matis Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D and supported by the European Commission's 6th Framework Programme, contract number FOOD-CT-2006-022957. The project began on April 1st 2006 and finished on 31st December 2009.

Potential risks and benefits to health need to be considered when setting food policy, developing a new food product, or advising consumers on dietary choices.

In some cases, qualitative assessment may be sufficient to reach a clear conclusion on the net health impact of dietary change. In other cases, quantitative assessment of the risks and benefits is needed.

QALIBRA provides methods for quantitative assessment that integrate the risks and benefits of dietary change into a single measure of net health impact, and allow quantification of associated uncertainties.

These methods are implemented in the QALIBRA software, which is available to registered users on this website.

Useful aspects of the QALIBRA approach include:

  • a consistent conceptual framework to help think about and organise risk-benefit assessment, and identify the data required
  • a step-by-step procedure and guidance for carrying out assessments
  • a flexible approach, allowing gradual progression from simple assessments using point estimates to refined assessments using distributions to quantify uncertainty
  • choice of tabular and graphical outputs, and guidance on their interpretation
  • organised storage of input data
  • optional sharing and discussion of assessments and data with other users selected by you

For more details on the QALIBRA approach, click here.
To download the final summary report of the project, click here.


The QALIBRA tool is open to register new users. For information on how to register, please visit registration page .